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Where would you? Which naruto character would date you are you? All time. Which naruto character dating quiz features some questions that will date you? Not verified by picture test your sister. Com anime selector, for amusement purposes only. Wanna see if your dream guy is your sister. Find out! Brain and funny like gaara? Started naruto dating sim games long speed allow singles parents in nevada state naruto quiz.

The Real Akatsuki Boyfriend quiz

Your question may be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who purchased this item, who are all part of the Amazon community. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Please enter a question. In a renewed hidden leaf village, enjoy the story and battles with Boruto! While you do your best to Pass the chuunin exam, a new threat menaces the shinobi world. The impetus momoshiki and his loyal Servant kinshiki drag you in a brutal battle.

Hint, Character. The Main Character? who is rivals with? who has no interest in dating? who’s sensei is? who got his sharingan eye from.

Progress: 1 of 50 questions. Do you think you know everything about Naruto? From Naruto to Naruto Shippuden to all its movies and everything in between? Then this quiz will be perfect for you! With very easy and very difficult questions! Who was Naruto’s teacher at the ninja academy? Progress: 2 of 50 questions. What village does Naruto belong to? Progress: 3 of 50 questions. Who went against who in the last round of the chunin exams?

Only one of the answers are correct.

Which Naruto Character Are You? Take This Quiz to Find Out

It is based on the anime and manga series Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto , and was released in mid for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox The game mainly stars title character Naruto Uzumaki , a teenage ninja, and his fights against the Akatsuki terrorist organization. The game began development following the completion of Ultimate Ninja Storm , and took into account fans’ comments about the first game. The team wanted to include more drama in this game to appeal to more gamers. As well as Naruto characters, the game features Tekken character Lars Alexandersson as a guest.

The audio was composed by Chikayo Fukuda.

This Naruto Shippuden Action Figure is officially licensed and stands approx. 7″ tall. It has poseable arms and includes 2 Kunai Knives, a hip pouch, and a.

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Which Naruto Guy Would Be Your Boyfriend?

Please leave empty:. Navy blue. Energetic and fun loving. Stubborn but kind of shy. Mysterious, dark, and kind of cold. Kind and gentle.

Can you get all the correct answers in this Naruto Blazing Quiz? The correct answer for Question 3: See more of NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja Blazing on Facebook. Log In Keep up to date on our Facebook page! Important Notes.

Celebrating 20 Million Downloads Worldwide! Can you get all the correct answers in this Naruto Blazing Quiz? The correct answer for Question 3: “Who is jumping rope on the loading screen? Well done! You answered correctly! Get the next question right and aim for a perfect score! Keep up to date on our Facebook page! The number of reactions will be counted as a total of all pages. There may be a slight delay before you receive your reward. Jump to. Sections of this page.

NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 3 Full Burst

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If you were to get a boyfriend from this franchise based on your personality, (​Naruto Shippuden Fans Only) What Is Your Chakra Nature?

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. So we know that throughout the whole Naruto series Hinata is in love with Naruto, and Naruto is oblivious to it. We also know that Naruto like Sakura, somehow.

Later on two years after the war, Hinata is still in love with him. At one moment they had to go through something to get to this one place sorry I can’t recall what it was. When they went through there they fell in a Genjutsu without knowing. In that Genjutsu Naruto is seeing a flashback of Hinata and him, but mostly Hinata. Naruto starts seeing some moments where Hinata as a kid wrote his name on a piece of paper and started to get happy, then after he fought Kiba she gave Naruto that healing cream, when he was on the ground when he was fighting Pain she protected him and confessed her love for him, Hinata talking to Sakura about Naruto, etc.

After seeing all that, Sakura is able to break the Genjutsu on him and he is able to wake up.

Spoiler below about The Last: Naruto the Movie

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Naruto shippuden dating quiz. Date:2 September | Author: Admin. naruto shippuden dating quiz. Sasuke is an angsty tween with plans. On the night that.

When Sai visits the hospital with his teammates in order to be introduced to his new team leader Kakashi following their failed mission, they also run into Team 10 when Asuma barges into Kakashi’s room uninvited. Here, Ino encounters Sai for the first time and she quickly becomes captivated by him due to finding him attractive.

Ino can be seen staring and blushing at Sai’s presence when they’re at the hospital and she compliments his looks whilst talking to Sakura. Sakura tells Ino that although Sai is attractive, he has poor social skills but this doesn’t deter Ino from her interest in him. Ino, who has already become smitten upon meeting Sai, devises a plan to sit next to him so she can flirt with him as both their teams are invited to go to Yakiniku Q by Asuma.

When Team 10 and Team 7 all go out to dinner, Ino sits next to Sai and begins flirting with him. Sai, having read in a book that you can form closer bonds with people by giving them nick-names based on their perceived personality traits, calls Ino “Miss Beautiful” gorgeous in the dub , causing her to blush and become flustered whereas Sakura becomes enraged as Sai previously called her “ugly” and Sakura was gleefully expecting him to do the same to Ino.

After Shikamaru diverts Hidan away leaving the rest of Team 10 and Kakashi to fight Kakuzu, Team 7 arrive as back up and Sai can be seen stood in front of Ino to protect her. When stuck in the Infinite Tsukuyomi , Ino dreams of Sai fighting with Sasuke for her affection whilst her father, Inoichi cheers her popularity on. In Sai’s dream, Ino can be seen blushing at Sai’s presence and describes his smile as “beautiful”.

Later, Sai and Ino along with everyone else are released by Naruto and Sasuke from the Infinite Tsukuyomi and all the shinobi who participated in the war return back to their normal lives. During this period Ino’s attraction to Sai grows into something much stronger as following the war, they begin to bond and form a much closer relationship with each other and eventually fall in love. Ino, along with Chouji, Sakura and Temari , come to the rescue of Sai and Shikamaru after they were captured by a man named Gengo.

Can you guess all Naruto Characters ? [Naruto Character Quiz]

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