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Experience information in Japanese. You’ll learn about the history of okonomiyaki and the process of manufacturing, bottling and shipping okonomi sauce. Take a behind-the-scenes tour of our factory, experience the history and culture of Hiroshima through okonomiyaki at the Wood Egg Okonomiyaki museum and learn to make your own savory pancake in our okonomiyaki cooking class. Reservation required Fun for families, school trips,vacationers and more! We have a limited number of available spots and cannot accept additional reservations once our list is full. Sign up ASAP to reserve your spot!

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Jump to content. Your email could not be sent. Please make sure you enter a valid email address, and that you have some pages in your favorites list. Studying at Senshu University offers the opportunity to rapidly improve your Japanese language skills and experience Japanese culture. You will study and live alongside exchange students from all over the world, as well as local Japanese students. In this international environment, you will learn not only about Japanese culture, but will also be exposed to the cultures of your fellow students.

SUMMER OPERATING DATES: WINTER / OPERATING DATES: the development and preservation of Japan’s indigenous arts and culture.

In Japan, Confucianism stands, along with Buddhism, as a major religio-philosophical teaching introduced from the larger Asian cultural arena at the dawn of civilization in Japanese history, roughly the mid-sixth century. Unlike Buddhism which ultimately hailed from India, Confucianism was first and foremost a distinctly Chinese teaching. It spread, however, from Han dynasty China, into Korea, and then later entered Japan via, for the most part, the Korean peninsula.

In significant respects, then, Confucianism is the intellectual force defining much of the East Asian identity of Japan, especially in relation to philosophical thought and practice. In this respect, Confucianism was the secular philosophy operative in the ordinary world of everyday existence, at one level or another, throughout Japanese history, well into modern times. Viewed as a religio-philosophical teaching, Confucianism brims with high-minded ideals that have always challenged humanity to realize the highest state of ethical perfection and self-realization.

However, as a political doctrine appropriated by the ruling elite to provide a modicum of legitimization for coercive rule, Confucianism was often voiced in cynical if not self-serving ways, belying the very ideals to which little more than lip-service was otherwise given. However, from the beginnings of political unity in Japan as provided by the nascent imperial system and then later by various shogunal regimes, Confucian thinking informed the ethics and socio-political ideals of the polity, and not infrequently imperial names and reign names, thus defining the parameters of real world discourse about the governed, those governing, and the nature and purpose of government.

Here, rather than trace the historical vicissitudes of Confucianism in Japanese culture, or explore the thinking of individual scholars, Confucianism will be approached as a systematic conceptual discourse defining the contours, philosophically, of much that was said and thought about the everyday world of common sense reality. In particular, the focus is on Confucian thinking about language, metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, the mind, political theory, education, spirituality, and the environment.

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Cell culture is the growth of cells from an animal or plant in an artificial, controlled environment. Cells are removed either from the organism directly and disaggregated before cultivation or from a cell line or cell strain that has previously been established. Certain culture conditions depend on the cell type, however, each culture must consist of a suitable vessel with a substrate or medium that supplies the nutrients such as amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals , growth factors or essential hormones for culturing cells.

Gases O2, CO2 , physicochemical environment pH, osmotic pressure, temperature also play an important role to regulate the proper cell growth in an artificial environment. Helps to study normal cell homeostasis, cell biochemistry, metabolism, mutagenesis, diseases, and compound effects.

The Bank’s offices in Japan — Head Office, branches, and local offices — are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and the following Month January; Date 1, 2, 3,

Ten things prospective international students should know. Many international students come to Tokyo Tech from around the world. Considering studying here? Check out these 10 points. Programs for International Students. Tokyo Tech offers varied programs for international students. Choose the best program for you based on your goals. Programs Offered for International Students.

This brochure introduces academic programs available for international students, including degree and non-degree programs. Study at Tokyo Tech. This brochure provides information in English for prospective international students of Tokyo Tech regarding campus life, scholarship programs, exchange and degree programs, accommodations, and much more. It also outlines each program, shows an admissions schedule, application procedures, and includes the voices of past IGP students. This program allows students to acquire a master’s or doctoral degree with courses in English.

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My junior from university, Yusuke, introduced food that he is fixated on from Japan and abroad. There is a lot of delicious food all around the world. Even if you live in Japan, you can enjoy food from not just Japan but from various countries and places. In this post, I’ll talk about the foods I am particular about. Since I was a child, I really enjoyed the miso soup my grandmother made.

When I started living on my own, I wanted to make some delicious miso soup by myself, so I asked my grandmother about how to make it.

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To do so, please follow the instructions. Tokyo, July 30, – Rakuten, Inc. The Rakuten People and Culture Lab has proposed these guidelines as a roadmap for constructing how teams could collaborate in the new normal — an environment that demands diverse work practices and personal independence. Aimed at both business management and individual employees, the guidelines draw from cutting-edge initiatives from around the world and combine them with insights and practical experience gained by the Rakuten Group in Japan and globally.

The guidelines also highlight the need to maximize the inherent potential of individuals and the group in a sustainable way by allowing for breathing space , something that tends to be lost in the pursuit of short-term productivity gains. The guidelines contain checklists for businesses with reflections on actions and initiatives tailored to each key aspect, as well as practical tips for implementation. Additionally, tools are included to help individuals remain mindful of the three key aspects.

The Rakuten People and Culture Lab will aim to enhance the well-being of businesses, individuals and society as a whole as it gathers feedback from companies and individuals putting these guidelines into practice. Going forward, it will also share broadly the insights gathered from around the world as theories and solutions are piloted and validated within the Rakuten Group. Offers clues to the methods of thinking and practices required for sustainable teams by drawing from cutting-edge initiatives from around the world and bringing them together with insights and practical experience gained by the Rakuten Group through its initiatives in Japan and globally.

Together with its Advisory Board comprised of industry experts from a range of fields, the institute aims to establish innovative theories and devise solutions by collecting leading case studies and research findings from around the world, as well as through testing and validation inside the Rakuten Group. We use cookies to help provide you with the best possible online experience. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details about the use of cookies.

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The Fab Five touch down in Tokyo to spread the joy, explore the culture, and help four Japanese men and women find the confidence to be themselves. But the Fab Five will show her just how much she deserves love. Struggling to live his truth as a proud, out gay man in Japan, Kan must find the fearlessness to be himself — and introduce his boyfriend to family. Bullied since childhood, manga artist Kae discovers the strength to break through the negativity, with encouragement from Naomi Watanabe and the gang.

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Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) rights in Japan are relatively progressive by Asian Japan’s culture and major religions do not have a history of hostility towards homosexuality. According to a Dentsu Diversity Lab survey, more than 65% of By that date, 7, persons had legally changed gender.

The Amgen Scholars Program provides hundreds of undergraduates each year with the opportunity to undertake scientific research projects at many of the world’s leading institutions. UTokyo would like to express its appreciation to the Amgen Foundation for the generous support provided for this program. For the information for the program, please visit this site in October In addition, the Amgen Scholars Asia Symposium scheduled to take place on Aug 6 – 8 in Singapore has also been cancelled.

We are sincerely grateful for all your applications to the program and hope that you would once again be able to apply for the program if possible. As you are all undoubtedly aware, we are now facing to an unprecedented threat as a result of the global COVID pandemic. We hope that the Amgen Scholars Program applicants, who are all interested in bioscience, biotechnology and drug discovery, will take the necessary and appropriate actions to guard their own life, their family and the people around them.

Additionally, we should not forget that there are still, and will be more infectious diseases other than COVID in existence that will be a threat to many people in the world. We hope that all of you will manage to overcome this difficulty we are currently facing, continue your education to become scientists who will counter challenges such as that we are facing with the power of science and technology while cooperating with each other and we hope to see you someday in Japan.

Applicants are advised to thoroughly read and understand the information on this website before starting their application. The objective of the program is to provide undergraduate students from different countries including some from Japan who are committed to or who are considering a career in biology or related sciences and looking to continue to graduate studies, with eight weeks of biomedical research experience in the basic and translational sciences.

By the end of their summer experience, students are expected to acquire knowledge and skills for conducting research. The students are also expected to extend their international friendship through the collaborative experiences.

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